[IOXperts Video-Announce] IOXperts Webcam Driver 1.1b27

Steve Sisak support at ioxperts.com
Wed Nov 5 17:32:27 GMT 2003

IOXperts has just posted a new beta (1.1b27) of our video drivers for 
both Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X. Please note that there are a few 
packaging changes.

For Mac OS X, there are 2 installers:

   Webcam Driver           -- for all USB and FireWire webcams
   IIDC Driver             -- high-end industrial IIDC cameras

For Mac OS 9, there are 4:

   USB Webcam Driver       -- all USB cameras
   iSight Driver           -- Apple iSight
   FireWire Webcam driver  -- all other FIreWire Webcams
   IIDC Driver             -- IIDC cameras

* The definition of 'webcam' for the FireWire drivers is the Apple 
iSight or any camera based on the Texas Instruments TSB15LV01 chip 
set (pretty much any camera under $200).

The reason for splitting up the 9 driver is that it allows us to ship 
a single driver file for each camera rather than forcing you to 
install a bunch of extensions unless you have more than one type of 

Please note that the list of supported USB cameras is slightly 
different for 9 and X -- we've been having some problems with one of 
the chip sets on Mac OS 9 and didn't want to hold up the entire 
release to get working.

Our goal is to support all cameras on both operating systems, but 
there may be periods where one is in better shape than than the other 
and we'd rather not hold back the ones that are working.

I believe we are very close to shipping so please test thoroughly -- 
If you have any comments or questions, please let us know.




Mac OS X Webcam Driver (FireWire, iSight, USB):

Mac OS X IIDC Driver:

Mac OS 9 USB Webcam Driver:

Mac OS 9 FireWire Webcam Driver:

Mac OS 9 iSight Driver:

Mac OS 9 IIDC Driver:


Changes in 1.1b27:
* Fixed a problem with QT Broadcaster and SecuritySpy.
* Fixed a crash seen with SecuritySpy.
* Fixed a problem switching between cameras.
* Fixed a problem with some camera state not being properly initialized.

Changes in 1.1b26:
* Fixed problems with QuickTime 6.4 on Jaguar and Panther
* Fixed potential crash with Purchase Application
* Mac OS 9 drivers are now separate for USB, FireWire and iSight.
* Mac OS 9 users should remove old versions of the following files
   from their extensions folder:
     IOXperts FireWire Webcam
     IOXperts FireWire Cameras
     IOXperts Type 1 Camera
     IOXperts Type 2 Camera

Changes in 1.1b25
* Introduction of Mac OS 9 USB support for many cameras see below for 
currently list.  Remaining cameras supported by Mac OS X, will come 
to Mac OS 9 soon.
* Fixed sliders to work on QT6.4
* Fixed some problems which could cause partially green video on some cameras
* Fixed problem installing which would cause cameras to show as 
Philips Vesta Scan
* Improved startup of some cameras by caching values
* Fixed problem which might cause incorrect color on some cameras
* Crash quitting application after unplugging some cameras
* Fixed cropping on RGB video

Changes for 1.1b24;

* Major rework to correct interaction between flip/crop/zoom

Changes for 1.1b22;

* Eliminated startup delay for some cameras

Summary of 1.1 features:

* Separate retail and OEM versions:

We now have two versions of the IOXperts Webcam Driver, IOXperts 
Webcam Driver LE, and the Retail IOXperts Webcam.

* People who have purchased the retail driver, will continue to get 
all of the retail driver features.

* IOXperts Camera Control (ICC) for OS X for retail driver.  Look in
/Applications/Utilities.  ICC let's you control the camera even when 
the host application doesn't have a video settings dialog.  (iChat, 
and Yahoo Messenger for example.)

* Face Tracking for OS X retail driver.  This will automatically zoom,
pan and tilt to follow a face.

* Fixed problem installing over earlier versions of IOXperts FireWire driver

* New cameras supported:

   Aiptek HyperVcam Fun USB (some)
   AME CU-68R
   Ariston iSeeII
   Askey VC050
   Creative Video Blaster Webcam 2
   Creative Webcam Pro eX
   D-Link DSB-C100 (some)
   Digicom Galileo USB
   Dynalink Digital Camera
   Ezonics EZ Cam
   I-View NetView NV200M
   IO Data USB-CCDChat
   Microtek EyeStar
   Mustek VCAM-300
   Pace Contour Video Camera
   SuperCam WonderEye
   TCE Netcam 310 USB
   Tekcom TekCam 10/ECP
   Tekcom TekCam 10/USB
   Terratec Terracam USB (some)
   Timlex WonderEye
   Trust Sp at ceC@m 100
   Trust Sp at ceC@m Lite
   Utobia USB Camera
   Zoom CU-68R
   Zoom ZoomCam 1595
   Zoom ZoomCam 1596

Steve Sisak, CTO                                 steve.sisak at ioxperts.com
IOXperts, Inc.                                            +1 617 876-2572

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